• This is a great place for breakfast, lunch and morning and afternoon snacks. The Grilled Three Cheese with cheddar, Swiss, and Havarti cheeses, tomatoes, Arugula and herb mayonnaise on grilled sour dough is delicious! There is also a great kids menu and gelato. While you’re there pick up a loaf of bread or a jar of homemade jam!

    We visited and dined-in three days in a row and will be back!

    Stephanie Rösch
  • Good place with great food. I came in for breakfast. There are lots of options that all look amazing. I went with a more simple egg and cheese on Asiago bagel and it was very good.
    There are lots of little tables around the restaurant and even a small patio out front for when the weather is nice.
    The atmosphere was nice and the staff were pleasant and welcoming.

    Benjamin Sommer
  • All I can say is yummy. The little tarts they have there taste so good I could literally eat them for days. Not to mention that have delicious pastries.

    Ampified Okanagan Adventures
  • Awesome experience, great food. It was busy but staff are friendly and attentive. My avocado toast was amazing

    Christina Brigola
  • The bread cherry pumpkin seed lactose-free loaf is a delightful alternative that satisfies both taste and dietary restrictions. With its rich blend of flavors, each bite is a heavenly combination of sweet cherries and nutty pumpkin seeds. The bread’s soft texture and moist crumb make it a joy to devour. What sets it apart is its lactose-free composition, allowing those with lactose intolerance to indulge without worry. Whether enjoyed as toast with a spread or used as a base for sandwiches, this bread offers a delectable treat for anyone seeking a wholesome, allergen-friendly option.

    Efrain Pacheco
  • I really like this place. It’s busy because it’s good. I love the smell of their fresh baked bread and goodies.
    They have lots of great breakfast and lunch options. There’s this delicious breakfast sandwich called the chefs special that I have enjoyed with beacon on quite a few occasions. They also do fresh squeezed OJ and have good espresso beverages. The setting is great with views of Bernard Ave and downtown Kelowna.

    Prospector Spence
  • We came here around lunch time and it was crazy busy. Waited around 45 min to and hour to order and get our food but it was worth the wait. Kelownafornia Wrap and Grilled Cheese were pretty good but nothing special. The desserts here were unreal! We had the Strawberry cheesecake & Banana Cream Almond Tart. Will be coming back to try all the desserts here!!

  • Great spot ! Early risers breakfast special for 8$
    Sandwichs are amazing or grab a treat and drink !
    Atmosphere is very comfy and welcoming !! Solid choice to check out.

    A M
  • Amazing food, great and thoughtful service. I had the Italian sausage frittata and it was delicious! Also got some sweets from the bakery to try that I’m sure will be just as good. Will be back for sure!

    C L
  • Went in to get a coffee before heading back to Vancouver but by looking at the pastry couldn’t resist, so convinced my wife to try them. Got strawberry tart, cannoli and chocolate mousse bomb. Tarts aren’t among my favorite pastries but since was my wife’s choice, tried it. It was delicious, not too sweet with hardy crust. Cannoli was delicious as with hard crunchy shell. And the best was chocolate mousse bomb, it was exactly what I expected of it, mouth watering chocolate with smooth melt in your mouth inside. My only beef would be the hot chocolate which I asked if they do have dark one (with no cream) which the girl told me they do but it lacked the bitter taste of dark one (didn’t bring it up since the pastries were so good).

    Hamid Salim
  • Phenomenal sandwiches stacked with good ingredients. You’ll pay 15 bucks but it won’t be some weak sandwich with one piece of turkey and one tomato.

    Jordan Schroeder
  • I was introduced to this establishment on this visit to Kelowna. Typically I’ve been taken to Bliss, a similar establishment in many respects offering coffee, pastries etc.. I will say that I much preferred Bread Co. I found their prices more reasonable and frankly, the quality much better, one example to compare is their sausage roll. Bliss use a hot dog (they refer to it as a lean beef sausage, c’mon people, it’s a hot dog) and surround it with way to much pastry. They call it a sausage wrap and charge $6.95. Bread Co make their own sausage roll and charge under $3.00. From here on in when visiting relatives in Kelowna, I will return to Bread Co. Lastly, the staff were excellent.

    Dennis Gane
  • Okay, three words… Lemon Meringue Gelato!!

    I could rave about it more, or about the other awesome flavours. I could mention the bread, tarts, croissants, sandwiches, and so much more… but let’s cut to the chase: if you are anywhere close by, you’d be sadly mistaken if you decided not to stop in. Get your butt in there, you can thank me later!

    Merlin Hansen
  • Came here on a brisk Saturday morning, still rumbling given I’d skipped breakfast that morning. The long line fell short with the energetic purple hair girl running two tills all while working on orders. I got the eggsperience, an egg wrap. Paired with that a blended chai horchata, and a hot one for my roommate. We found a table and I eagerly slouched back for my unhatched chicken wrap, taking notice of the steamy croissant flagging me down from across the table. I caved, ripped a hardy piece and went to town. Wow. Never in my life have I had the pleasure of eating such a warm, soft, buttery and flaky piece of dough. It only got better when another bite discovered ham and cheese hidden inside this treasure trove of flavour as well. All jokes aside, every visit to this bakery ends wonderfully and everything is worth trying at least once. Thank you! -also, attached is a picture of an empty plate as I ate the food too fast to picture it.

    Lynden Rivers
  • I recently had the pleasure of visiting Bread Company, a delightful bakery known for its exceptional bread. From the moment I stepped inside, I was greeted by the inviting aroma of freshly baked goods, which immediately heightened my anticipation.

    The bakery’s atmosphere was warm and cozy, and a friendly staff. The display cases were filled with an impressive variety of bread, ranging from classic baguettes and sourdough loaves to unique dessert options. The sheer array of options was impressive and made it difficult to choose just one!

    Upon tasting their bread, I was instantly captivated by the bakery’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Each loaf was perfectly baked, boasting a golden crust and a soft, airy interior. The flavors were exceptional, with a depth and richness that can only be achieved through meticulous attention to detail and top-notch ingredients. It was evident that Bread Company takes pride in their recipes and baking techniques.

    Moreover, the staff at Bread Company were knowledgeable and passionate about their craft. They were more than happy to offer recommendations, answer questions, and provide insights into the bread-making process. Their enthusiasm and genuine love for bread elevated the overall experience and made it all the more exciting.

    In addition to their exceptional bread, Bread Company also offered a selection of pastries and sandwiches. Although I primarily focused on their bread, I couldn’t resist trying a few pastries, which were equally delightful. The pastries were flaky, buttery, and filled with delicious flavors that complemented their bread offerings perfectly.

    Overall, my experience at the Bread Company was nothing short of exceptional. From the moment I entered the bakery to the last bite of their delectable bread, I was thoroughly impressed. With their commitment to quality, passion for their craft, and a wide range of delicious offerings, the Bread Company is undoubtedly a must-visit destination for bread lovers.

    Jennifer Della-Paolera
  • Restaurant is kept clean. Staff are friendly. Sandwiches are fairly large but very delicious. The fresh bread they use makes them that much tastier.
    I had a mushroom soup which was excellent. Just enough with a small slice of ciabatta bread. Reasonably priced.
    They uave always a great breakfast special also reasonable in price and very tastey.
    Parking can be a bit sparse during their peak times so one might have yo walk a bit.
    Overall a great place to have something light or something a little more filling. Nice atmosphere.

    Judy Peter